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Strategic Framework


The philosophy of OLPHI is based on the following principles:
Community Good: OLPHI’S efforts are charted towards community support and growth. To bring help and joy to the poor and especially the women, youth, children and the vulnerable groups through a wide range of human rights-focused activities
Equal Opportunity/Gender Equality: opportunities are developed to allow every person regardless of previous experiences or trainings, gender, or class, to increase his/her status, life and skills.
Human rights: our philosophy stems from our uncommon commitments to human rights in accordance to Universal Declaration of human rights by the United Nations 1948, the convention on the elimination of all forms of discriminations against women (CEDAW) and the Child Rights Acts 2003 (CRA).

Our organization envisions a society where everyone is empowered to use his/her full potential in living a full, rewarding and qualitative life.

To facilitate everyone (especially women, youth and children) to be socially, morally and mentally empowered, economically self reliant through education (re-orientation) and health development for sustainable quality of life.

i.    To reduce inner recesses poverty
ii.    To accelerate action in health and Environmental Education in target communities.
iii.    To promote maternal and child health

a.    Transparency
b.    Accountability
c.    Wellness/healthy living
d.    Promotion of sound values

a.    Promotion / Protection of Human Rights
b.    Poverty Reduction
c.    Environmental Sanitation
d.    Maternal / Child Health
e.    Orphan and Vulnerable Group

a.    Support the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community-based initiative for reproductive health, child and maternal health.
b.    To support the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of fundamental human rights especially as it concerns women and girl children.
c.    Prevent and mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS particularly among vulnerable socially-excluded groups.
d.    Strengthen and help sustain the institutional capacity of government, Non Governmental and Civil Society Organisations (NGO) and communities to promote community well being.
e.    Facilitate capacity building for youths, and women for leadership and entrepreneurial development for sustainable livelihoods.
f.    To impact and facilitate positive attitudinal changes in members of our families which is the smallest unit of the society for sustainable peace and unity in our homes
g.    Capacity building and sustainable  empowerment of families through skills acquisition, provision of training and educational support and materials
h.    To encourage and empower the less privileged in our society through community and social mobilization
i.    To contribute to the global fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases ravaging our society.
j.    To inculcate the spirit of responsibility, industry, discipline and consciousness on entrepreneurship matters to all and sundry
k.    To encourage people to embrace wellness and healthy living

a.    Regular talks in women and youth meetings
b.    Dissemination of information in our church gatherings
c.    Educating and counseling through workshops and seminars
d.    Capacity buildings to empower them in all aspects of our programmes
e.    Health/wellness seminars and workshops