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Islamic Schools Campaigns

karshi-islamic-school-campaignThe malaria eradication enlightenment program was extended to Islamic schools in Nasarawa State in the North Central Zone of Nigeria. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative Program Officer – Tafida Dahiru Umar took the campaign seriously and to make sure that he impacted lives there did not leave any stone unturned. He sensitized them on the causes of malaria (through Anopheles Mosquito bites) prevention (wearing good covering clothes and keeping of surrounding clean by removing all empty containers and cans and clearing of the bushes around them & the use of long lasting treated malaria nets) and treatment(Use of ACTs). Symptoms of Malaria includes – General body weakness, shivering and cold, feeling of unwell, vomiting, inability to eat, joint pains, bitterness in the mouth and headache. They were meant to understand that these symptoms does not occur only when you have malaria it could also be signs of other sicknesses like Typhoid fever and HIV/AIDS – reasons why one should visit the nearest health facilities when it is noticed.