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Anti-Malaria Campaign in Gidan-Hausa Community in Nasarawa

karshi campaign gidan housaMalaria is one of the most deadly diseases that World Health Organisation has spent so much resource to eradicate. Based on that, the Civil Society Organisations are ready to assist Government Agencies in the sensitisation of our people on Malaria – causes, prevention and treatment. Our people in Nigeria do not know the seriousness of this disease and the death toll attributed to Malaria yearly. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative, one of the CSOs working in conjunction with Grassroot Initiative and Society for Family Health was engaged to take this message to the rural people of Nasarawa. Our staff is seen in one of the many sessions held across Nasarawa in Gidan Hausa 1 & 2 communities above demonstrating through the use of pictorials and flip charts how malaria is contracted and passed on to others. He reiterated that the most-risk-persons are pregnant women and children under the age of 5. He took them through the use of mosquito nets for prevention and wearing good covering clothes to keep mosquitoes at bay while also making use that they clean their surroundings and environment rid of empty containers and cans and clear the bushes around them as these forms breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Malaria Awareness and Sensitization in Nasarawa State

karshi islamic school campaign2Women and mothers are the first caregivers in every home at all times;  Our Lady of Perpetual Help takes care in enlightening them. Above picture shows a Malaria Sensitization session with women in a town hall meeting in Awe community in Nasarawa State of Nigeria.
Here the mobilisation tools includes the use of pictorials and flip charts to demonstrate how malaria parasite is transmitted from one person to the other and who are most at risk (children under the age of 5 & pregnant women).
Human angle success stories were also registered as one woman concurred that they now know that Malaria is not gotten from eating certain types of Food as their local myth said.

The use of Long Lasting Mosquito nets were introduced to them a means of prevention apart from wearing good covering clothes and keeping their environment clean of empty can and containers where stagnant water could be found and clearing of  bushes around them as they are breeding places for mosquitoes. ACTs 1 – 4 are used for treatment for those that tested positive to malaria test.

Anti-Malaria Campaign in Wamba Community in Nasarawa

dausa campaign butchersMalaria social Mobilisation took staff of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative into the market of Wamba community of Nasarawa State. In the picture above, our staff is seen with the help of flip charts and pictorial demonstrations sensitize the boys and men in the meat selling stall how malaria is contracted. He went ahead to enlighten them on the need to keep their surroundings and environment clean to keep away mosquitoes both in their residential areas and the market places. A clean environment is breeds healthy people.

Transformative Session with Teenage, Unwedded, Mothers

Director with Teenage Mothers A Session with Teenage Unwed mothers at Umuye Ihechiowa, Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State on Character Building & Transformation, Personal hygiene, economic empowerment through skill acquisition, Use of Condom Education, Health related matters and Sexually Transmitted Infections. It was an interactive session where the participants bared their minds of how difficult life is in the rural area where poverty is at a high rate and no form of assistance from any angle. There are no basic amenities like good roads, electricity and portable water. Their source of drinking water is a stream located in a very hilly terrain. The engage in sustenance farming in their parents farms for their upkeep.

They said that because of bad road, they cannot take some of their farm produce to better market in nearby towns for sale. Most of them have not heard about Condom thereby making them more vulnerable to more pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. No other means of sustenance thereby opening them up to live a life of easy virtue to put food on their table for them and their children. Most of their parents are of course poor.


OLPHI Attends INEC Rivers State's Interactive Session with Stakeholders & Civil Society Groups

director at inecThe Executive Coordinator at the INEC Rivers State Stakeholders Interactive Forum with Civil Society Organisations in Port Harcourt – March 20, 2015. The session was opened by the Public Relations Officer of Rivers State INEC Mrs. Tonia Nwobi who introduced the INEC REC Dame Gesilan Khan to the participants gathered. It was an interactive session that brought to fore some of the challenges envisaged as the general election arrangement gathered momento.
The INEC Rivers State REC told us how prepared the INEC was and in particular the Rivers State as regards the
a.    Distribution and collection of Permanent Voters Card(PVC)
b.    Polling booths and voting points created out from some polling booths that has large registered voters for easy voting and coordination