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Anti-Malaria Campaign in Gidan-Hausa Community in Nasarawa

karshi campaign gidan housaMalaria is one of the most deadly diseases that World Health Organisation has spent so much resource to eradicate. Based on that, the Civil Society Organisations are ready to assist Government Agencies in the sensitisation of our people on Malaria – causes, prevention and treatment. Our people in Nigeria do not know the seriousness of this disease and the death toll attributed to Malaria yearly. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative, one of the CSOs working in conjunction with Grassroot Initiative and Society for Family Health was engaged to take this message to the rural people of Nasarawa. Our staff is seen in one of the many sessions held across Nasarawa in Gidan Hausa 1 & 2 communities above demonstrating through the use of pictorials and flip charts how malaria is contracted and passed on to others. He reiterated that the most-risk-persons are pregnant women and children under the age of 5. He took them through the use of mosquito nets for prevention and wearing good covering clothes to keep mosquitoes at bay while also making use that they clean their surroundings and environment rid of empty containers and cans and clear the bushes around them as these forms breeding grounds for mosquitoes.