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Malaria Awareness and Sensitization in Nasarawa State

karshi islamic school campaign2Women and mothers are the first caregivers in every home at all times;  Our Lady of Perpetual Help takes care in enlightening them. Above picture shows a Malaria Sensitization session with women in a town hall meeting in Awe community in Nasarawa State of Nigeria.
Here the mobilisation tools includes the use of pictorials and flip charts to demonstrate how malaria parasite is transmitted from one person to the other and who are most at risk (children under the age of 5 & pregnant women).
Human angle success stories were also registered as one woman concurred that they now know that Malaria is not gotten from eating certain types of Food as their local myth said.

The use of Long Lasting Mosquito nets were introduced to them a means of prevention apart from wearing good covering clothes and keeping their environment clean of empty can and containers where stagnant water could be found and clearing of  bushes around them as they are breeding places for mosquitoes. ACTs 1 – 4 are used for treatment for those that tested positive to malaria test.