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Transformative Session with Teenage, Unwedded, Mothers

Director with Teenage Mothers A Session with Teenage Unwed mothers at Umuye Ihechiowa, Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State on Character Building & Transformation, Personal hygiene, economic empowerment through skill acquisition, Use of Condom Education, Health related matters and Sexually Transmitted Infections. It was an interactive session where the participants bared their minds of how difficult life is in the rural area where poverty is at a high rate and no form of assistance from any angle. There are no basic amenities like good roads, electricity and portable water. Their source of drinking water is a stream located in a very hilly terrain. The engage in sustenance farming in their parents farms for their upkeep.

They said that because of bad road, they cannot take some of their farm produce to better market in nearby towns for sale. Most of them have not heard about Condom thereby making them more vulnerable to more pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. No other means of sustenance thereby opening them up to live a life of easy virtue to put food on their table for them and their children. Most of their parents are of course poor.

We encouraged as many of them as possible to learn a trade since they have dropped out of school but it is not the end of their lives and because of their children, they must learn lifesaving skills to keep them going. Abstinence from sex was emphasized or you they must, they should learn to use condom and safe periods.

All in all they were happy for the session and asked that we visit them again soon concurring to what their Eze and Gatekeepers has already told us of how happy they were of our visit which they said was the first of its kind.