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Bridge Gender & Election Training for ECOWAS Member States – Nigeria

director olphiThe Executive Coordinator of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative displaying her BRIDGE certificate of participation the end of a 3 day Bridge Gender and Election Training for ECOWAS Member State – Nigeria tagged “Enhancing Women’s Appointive and Elective Participation in Governance and Democratic Processes January 4th – 6th 2015.
BRIDGE is an acronym which stands for Building Resources In Democracy, Governance and Election. We were shared to groups according to our different geo-political zones as syndicate groups and there was also a general session.

The training comprises of 52 modules and was supposed to take at 12 weeks to run but was compressed into 3 day training. It was tasking, hectic and tedious but fulfilling.

Main issues discussed and syndicated was on how to get more women to participate in governance and nation building through elective and appointive positions. It was agreed that for this to happen, there has to be more level playing ground for women. Most obstacles and barriers put in place by men (unfavourable cultural practices, security and late night political meetings etc.) have to be revisited and adjusted to give room for more women participation.

We had 8 facilitators from all over Africa who are Bridge Certified to handle this type of social training. Participants were made to come up with their individual visions and missions which was eventually collapsed into one encompassing the thoughts of all participants.

At the end of the training, a 5 year strategic work plan was raised by each zones and presented at the last general plenary session which in turn will be collapsed into one to form a general strategic work paper for Nigeria and other ECOWAS member states. Mandates were given to participants to go back to their respective communities, zones and constituencies and cascade the information and discussions and use the work plan as a guide. Certificates were awarded to participants.