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Free Medical Services at Azuabie, Rivers State

free medical azuabieA 2-day free medical services on malaria screening, free malaria drugs/long-lasting mosquito nets, HIV screening and free counseling in collaboration with Laurel Clinic & Society for Family Health at Azuabie Okujagu Community, Port Harcourt, Rivers State was carried out.

This program was planned after a need assessment carried out in the community showed that they were neglected when outreaches were planned. The following programs were done in the 2 day planned campaign - Malaria sensitisation – Causes, Prevention and Treatment for Malaria, Free Random Diagnostic Test for Malaria, Long lasting mosquito net enlightenment;  HIV/AIDS sensitisation – means of contracting, prevention, management of HIV and AIDS patients and free screening for those that were interested and free counselling for those that tested positive and further referals for such people; Ebola Strain sensitization – incessant hand wash and eating properly cooked food; Cervical Cancer lecture – causes, prevention and treatment – keeping to one sexual partner as in the case of HIV/AIDS, Condom usage enlightenment etc.