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Character Building and Transformation for Undergraduates

Character Building and Transformation 3We at OLPHI felt an urgent need to do something to salvage the Youths of our dear nation who are wasting and have gone astray through negative influences of hard drugs, cultism and political thuggery. After the need assessment on the way forward, our organisation designed a program for the undergraduate which has been subsequently modified to take care of out-of-school youths in the street and graduates. Youth mentoring is an integral part of our organisation, so we set out to have a session Nigeria Institute of Public Relations Student Association and of Rivers State College of Arts & Science and University of Port Harcourt in association with Nigeria Institute of Public Relations Rivers Chapter.

Topical Issues discussed was majorly on character transformation which we introduced through the use of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and progressed into everyday living and activities in our families,

school and general society. Comportment, Conduct and ethics; Career prospects; dreams, visions, mission, goals and objective. Future projections were not left out. Sex & condom enlightenment, Sexual transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, decent and indecent dressing and general moral upliftment (non-violence and peaceful conduct) were discussed generally. There was also a question and answer sessions. All in all, it was a wonderful interactive session for all who participated.