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Internet Usage Training for Avu Women

internet usage training avu womenOLPHI knows the importance of Technology in today’s world and felt the need to enlighten women how they could view the world through the use of their telephone handsets and computers/laptops.

Based on the above, an interactive program was designed and carried out in association with Avu Women Organisation Port Harcourt Branch.
During the session women were shown how to use their phones apart from making and receiving calls. They were taking through the icons on their phones and their functions. How they could buy data for internet connection. They were meant to understand that the world is just a click on their phones.

They were also introduced to an online women community WORLD PULSE where they could share their daily experiences with other women in different parts of the world. In this online community

opportunities are abound for women that want to speak out against the social injustices in our society as a journal is assigned to any registered member where you pour your heart and other members get to read your write up and interact and comment freely on your page. The members encourage one another and feel your pains also. It was a satisfying session at the end.