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Capacity Building for CSOs

staff meetingCapacity Building training for CSOs is a constant program every time & every where. CSOs as partners in different programs are trained and re-trained to be sure they will have the capacity to implement and execute their designed and assigned activities. Olphi has been invited to so many of these trainings and workshops. So we can proudly say that our staff and volunteers have the deep seated capacity and capabilities to implement all social development activities.

We are into Human Rights Promotion and Defence; which compresses of all about our daily living from mobilizing people for economic self-reliance (skill acquisition and poverty alleviation) to moral upliftment; attitudinal change of our negative mindset; relationship within our family and between other families, relationship with peers,

ethics & proper conduct and comportment to gender issues on governance and the making our society a sanitized place for all of us. Wellness and healthy living is a serious affair in OLPHI.

So at all times we are busy implementing and executing one project or the other. You can join us by being a volunteer or a donor. If you have any idea about anything you want to be done in your community you can talk to us.