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Monitoring & Evaluation Training for Staff & Volunteers

monitoring & evaluation trainingIn line with our policy on continuous organization development and staff capacity building, OLPHI embarks, from time to time, on training exercises on various aspects of our engagements, including both ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation as well as working and cooperation with external evaluators. To do this, we engage the services of top professionals in development, public health and environmental advocacy experts from various parts of the country.

In April 2014, for example, we invited highly experienced resource persons from the Society for Family Health and Deodora Sameritan (one session pictured above) to train our staff on Monitoring and Evaluation. A total of 10 members of OLPHI staff were trained in the session that lasted for 3 days. The workshop was very engaging and informative and our staff were very pleased with the methodologies employed by the resource persons. They were, through this workshop, empowered with new skills to constantly assess their performances against set indicators towards achieving the expected outcomes, using both action reflection and SMART (Specificity, Measurability, Achievability, Relevance and Time-binding) documentation.

Distribution of Vitamins from Vitamin Angels, USA

Vitamin AngelsVITAMIN ANGELS OF AMERICA donated Vitamin A and Abendazole for children and lactating mothers to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative to argument the work of government agencies. The pictures above shows the different communities and programs where the Vitamin A and Abendazole were distributed to targeted beneficiaries. These products were donated to us after a rigorous grant interviews and proposals which Our Ladu of Perpetual Help Initiative successfully met the criterias.

Milk Distribution at Umunnabuo Primary School, Arochukwu

Milk Distribution at Umunnabuo Community Primary School Umuchiakuma Ihechiowa Arochukwu Food Supplement Distribution in Umunnabuo Community Primary School Umuchiakuma Ihechiowa Arochukwu LGA Abia State 2014

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative is committed to the good and sustainable health for all partnered with Isaiah 58 Care Foundation and Mercy Catholic Hospital Ihechiowa in a one day sensitization on Vitamin A Action Milk for children. The milk was eventually distributed to school children after the talk which was held in the school premises. In the picture above children gladly and happily displayed the milk shared out to them.

Mosquito Net Demo at Wuse, Nasarawa State

wuse net demoThe demonstration of Long Lasting Treated Mosquito Nets as a means of preventing Malaria bites in Wuse community in Nasarawa State of North Central. The people of the community who had the net but did not know how to use it were taking through the process of hanging  it on the bed or mat as the case may be, entering and lying under the mosquito nets after explaining the full importance of the net to them. Other aspects of malaria was not left out – the causes – Anopheles mosquito, prevention – apart from the use of the nets, wearing of good covering clothes and keep of surroundings and environments were also passed to them. Symptoms of malaria was emphasised and the need to use health facilities when those signs were noticed were repeatedly emphasised.

Anti-Malaria Campaign in Karshi Communities in Nasarawa

karshi campaign gidan housa 2The fight for the eradication of malaria continued in Nasarawa and this time, our staff took it to Karshi 1 & 2 communities. Women are children are seen in the above picture listening to the session which entailed the use of flip charts and pictorials which is the language people easily identifies with for the sensitisation. At other times the use of drama and inter-personal communications were also employed to reach hard-to-reach communities and people.